L’apertura de La Gazzetta dello Sport sull’Inter: “Conte ora batti Zizou”


“Count Beat Zizou Now.” In today’s version, this is the opening title on the front page of La Gazzetta dello Sport on Inter. The waste of the Nerazzurri, the misses of Lautaro, two traverses, a penalty denied: it is also with Donetsk Shakhtar. The ranking now goes into the obstacles (2-2 against Borussia Moenchengladbach) against Zidane’s Real Madrid.

Rimontona Zapata: the young Ajax runs away, the Nerazzurri don’t give up “Atalanta-Subito under the main title there are also the Bergamasks on the front page of the newspaper with the following title”. That goes under 2-0, but overturns and manages to make 2-2: it’s second, Difficult start for Gasperini’s team.

“Juventus-Barcelona-C’è space in the side cut of the front page of the newspaper for the challenge of this evening between Bianconeri and Blaugrana with the following title:” Dybala is the anti Messi. CR7 remains positive and Leo is loaded: Bartomeu defeated. Juventus clinging to Joya against the Barça powder keg. The Barça powder keg.

On newsstands this morning with the following title: “Snow White Nightmare”. Lazio-The Inzaghi team also finds space in the side cut of the front page of the newspaper. Waiting for the outcome of the tampons in Bruges in the Europa League. Covid’s Yellow: 5 out. Luis Alberto y Also Real Estate at home.

Milan-” The rossoneri buy, the referee Giacomelli pays. On newsstands this morning, this is the headline that the newspaper uses in the low cut of the front page. Lovato are or Kabak The new names for the back department. Serious mistakes of the match director on penalties: stop for the arbitration match against Roma at least 2 rounds.

Coppa Italia – The newspaper on newsstands this morning dedicates a space in the low cut of the first page to the tournament with the following title: “Today Toro and Cagliari try it. Bologna and Samp all ahead. Battute Reggina and Salernitana, I rossoblù will face Cremonese, today I granata challenge Lecce,